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Welcome to Great Escape Stables!


We moved to our new location in Bowie on October 15, 2016 and we are so happy to have a permanent place to call home. Great Escape Stables prides itself on being a farm that you not only enjoy, but you never want to leave. With its' peaceful atmosphere and family friendly environment, we have created a place where everyone gets along! We are 100% drama free and will continue to be, as drama is not tolerated in the least. The peaceful atmosphere not only makes for happy boarders, it makes for happy horses.  Our horses are very happy, fat, and stress free. We have had new horses come in and within a few weeks do a complete 180 from anxious and high strung, to calm and quiet.


After having our horses at many farms we have been able to bring to our farm all the things we liked about the farms we have been to and leave out the things we didn't. We are very adaptable and welcome suggestions on how to improve the way we do things, our farm is your farm! We try to meet the needs of each individual horse instead of having a generic way of doing things, each horse is different and we welcome that! Every discipline is welcome at Great Escape Stables. Our younger riders show at Best Horse Shows and Morningside Stables at Columbia Horse Center.  Everyone from dressage riders, hunter/jumpers or pleasure riders are all welcome! The farm is constantly evolving. We cannot wait to welcome you into our barn family!

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